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The Church of God Seventh Day                 in Freeland Michigan


Also known as the Freeland CoG7, is a group of Christ followers who have served in the gospel ministry for over 150 years in the Tri-City area.


The goal of the Freeland CoG7 is to impact and change the lives of individual people, couples, families, and communities with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.


The changed life is not so that we can have more people at a praise service, one day a week; but so that we can help people live a God honoring and fulfilled life the other six days of the week, and to help them to be as prepared as possible for Christ's second advent; His return to Earth.


This changed life is supposed to help us be the best we can as individual people, impacting society for good. Not only that, but also to help us be the best spouse we can be, the best parent we can be, the best neighbor we can be, the best employee or employer we can be.


The ultimate goal is a God honoring community. A beacon of hope in a dark and fallen world; pointing the world to Christ, to the glory of the Father.



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