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Here is a list and breif description of the different missions and ministries the Freeland CoG7 supports or leads.


  Local Missions:


        Sharing the Word

                Each year the Freeland CoG7 mans a booth at the Midland fair to pass

                out Bibles and learning tracts to people in the community.


        Spring Vale Christian School

                Also known as SVCS, is a Christian High School in Owasso, MI.




  International Missions:


        Missions Abroad

                Is a ministry of the General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh

                Day). It is the primary way our denomination fulfills the great

                commission to spread the gospel around the world.




                Is a medical missions ministry. There is generally a team of 50 people

                who travel to devestated countries to help with medical and dental

                problems. They also have several pastors on staff who hold revival

                services throughout the time of the mission.



        Orphans and Widows

                Is a ministry that works to help women and children around the

                world who are facing a variety of harsh conditions and problems.


        Artios School of Ministry

                Is the ministerial training school of the General Conference of the

                Church of God (Seventh Day).





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