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 Pastor Andrew Fernandez









My heart for the Tri-City area is that the people who live here thrive in joy, unity, happiness, contentment, and love for God and each other. That they know that there are people who are willing to live life alongside them, helping through the difficulties, and rejoicing in the blessings. We're here to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a world who desperately needs His love.


 My wife, Melissa, and our three sons, Bryan, Jason, and Jude are experiencing these truths. Melissa and I are not perfect, we're broken people. As we live our lives as husband and wife, parents, neighbors, workers, family, and friends we find that we run out of strength to do all that we're supposed to. Although we are adults we still need others to help us in our most desperate moments.


 We believe that Jesus has died for us, and has filled us with His Holy Spirit so

 that we can accomplish all He has for us to do. Not only that, but He has conn-

 ected us to other people who are on the same journey as we are; just trying to

 live the best we can for His glory. This is what we believe being the Church is all

 about. When Melissa and I are down or in need, we are surrounded by other

 Christ followers who help us in various ways, so that we can continue on life's

 Journey. Sometimes we're doing really well, and God uses us to be a support for

 others in their time of need.


 Melissa and I are convinced to live the way we do. We do not force anyone to

 believe the things we do or practice their religion the way we do; nor do we withhold any good thing from those who disagree with us. We make no apologies about the way we live our lives, but we also do not condemn others for living their lives as they feel convinced.


 Melissa and I have a heart for our family to be an honor to God, and for the

 fellowship we serve to be the same. 

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